When was the last time, you had the chance as a parent to offer your children a playful combination of the healthiest snack and a surprisingly fun 3D toy paper at the same time?

At the ENIOS we understand the importance of keeping children both healthy and creative. So, we proudly present you, children's best friend, STAFIDENIOS. 


Tasty and nutritious raisins of the finest quality in a small size paper box, which after been opened and turned inside out, delivers a joyful experience of creating a paper toy.
For the very beginning, the ANIMAL EDITION is here, not only to offer a captivating and attractive packaging for kids to taste dried raisins, but also to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

We reassure parents that our great-tasting raisins are of the best quality, keeping up with international criteria of food safety and we promise your children will have the time of their lives by constructing several paper toys, all by themselves, without scissors and glue needed, and by collecting a series of pretty and lively animal figures. 
The healthiest habit for your kids, wherever they are, any time during the day.


 Welcome to the world of STAFIDENIOS.







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